Sun tanning is something that everybody, regardless of age, engages in both during the hot summer months and other times of the year as well.  Both men and women are committed to achieving and maintaining a bronzed healthy tanned body, and not just in the summer time.  Many people are adamant about keeping that tanned look year round and will take just about any measure to achieve it.


Though relaxing on a warm sandy beach and absorbing the powerful UV rays of the sun, primarily in the summer months, is the number one way of acquiring a bronzed tanned body, it is also a very dangerous way of tanning.  Over exposing your body to the UV rays of the sun is proven to cause cancer cells and contribute to old, wrinkled looking skin.  Though the average person is aware of these side effects, and the fact that cancer cells can ultimately be deadly, they still engage in long hours of sunbathing for the simple vain fact that they want a tanned body.

There are a variety of techniques and procedures, as well as products that can be used today to achieve and maintain a healthy tanned look.  For many people using tanning beds satisfies their need and level of tanning they wish to achieve.  While others rely upon sun tanning tablets to accomplish this year round tan.  Everybody has their own opinion about anything and everything in life and certainly that includes opinions on what the best and safest sun tanning techniques or products are.


Tanning Tablets Vs. Sunbeds The Great Debate

Sunbeds, like basking on a beach in the summertime, use UV rays as well.  Though you are not outdoors and being overexposed to the suns powerful UV rays, the rays used in sunbeds are identical to those the sun gives off.  With that said, it is not hard to understand then that the side effects of using sunbeds will also be identical to those side effects affiliated with overexposing your body on a hot beach to the suns UV rays.  The UV rays of a sunbed are every bit as powerful and dangerous as those of the suns.

Though people are pleased with the satisfactory tanning results when using sunbeds, they need to take note of the fact that they may be achieving that deep dark tan that they want, but, just like absorbing the rays of the sun, they are exposing themselves to serious side effects and health risks, and even risks of cancer.

With all of this research and confirmed information available about sunbeds, is it any wonder that so many people across the globe are turning to the use of sun tanning tablets. Though there is a wide range of tanning tablets available for purchase, Rio Sun Tanning Tablets have proven to be the safest and most effective today.  They afford consumers no side effects, no risk of cancer forming cells, contain all natural ingredients that are FDA compliant, and produce results that are many times beyond the expectations of its users.

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Tanning Tablets vs. Sunbeds