Anabolic steroids are often most commonly associated with athletes who bulk up and sport huge muscles, but there’s a large number that are used to shred fat too.

During a cutting cycle, the goal is to get rid of fat while simultaneously preserving as much muscle mass as possible. This isn’t always easy due to the restricted calories but certain steroids can make the process far more achievable.

Anavar is renowned as a steroid which is perfect for a cutting cycle; here’s a closer look at how it can help to burn stubborn abdominal fat.

Anavar Background

Also known generically as Oxandrolone, Anavar was first introduced in 1964 and is a synthetic derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Medically the steroid has been used for the treatment of weight loss associated with infection and disease. This may sound like a contradiction for a cutting steroid, but it’s more specifically linked to treating loss of muscle tissue and has been used alongside chemotherapy or for patients with HIV.

anavar-benefitsIt’s these qualities which allow bodybuilders to add lean mass during a cutting cycle, preserving their muscle without adding on unwanted fat or fluids.

Blasting belly fat

Anavar doesn’t aromatise at any dosage so there’s no fears of bloating or gaining water weight during a cutting cycle.

Other steroids will provide bigger gains over the same period and greater protein synthesis but one of the benefits to Anavar is in studies, users retained their lean mass gains far longer, even months after the cycle had ceased.

Although increasing muscle mass will help to burn fat, Anavar has a unique quality which is particularly beneficial to bodybuilders: its ability to target belly fat.

Studies have shown that even in individuals with normal levels of testosterone, Anavar could reduce abdominal and visceral fat. Other research has shown that the steroid can reduce belly fat even without any exercise. Of course, to get the best possible results an Anavar cycle should be combined with a cutting diet and exercise but the case studies just highlight its effectiveness.

One of the difficulties with a cutting cycle is that once finished, it can be tricky to keep the same dry, shredded appearance. However, just like with the addition of lean muscle mass, research suggests that Anavar helps to keep the fat off even once the cycle has finished. Providing moderate exercise is continued and calorific consumption isn’t excessive, studies have shown that fat loss with Anavar, particularly in the abdominal area, can be maintained.

Do Your Research

Anavar is often considered to be a steroid which is gentler on the body than others, and it’s one that can be taken by women too. If you’re not a first time user, you might want to consider stacking Anavar with other steroids to get a more powerful result. You can read online at various sources about using steroids, and how to create the best stack whether you’re bulking, cutting or recomping.

Anavar Can Help Burn Stubborn Abdominal Fat
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