Tanning Tablets vs. Sunbeds

Sun tanning is something that everybody, regardless of age, engages in both during the hot summer months and other times of the year as well.  Both men and women are committed to achieving and maintaining a bronzed healthy tanned body, and not just in the summer time.  Many people are adamant about keeping that tanned look year round and will take just about any measure to achieve it.


Though relaxing on a warm sandy beach and absorbing the powerful UV rays of the sun, primarily in the summer months, is the number one way of acquiring a bronzed tanned body, it is also a very dangerous way of tanning.  Over exposing your body to the UV rays of the sun is proven to cause cancer cells and contribute to old, wrinkled looking skin.  Though the average person is aware of these side effects, and the fact that cancer cells can ultimately be deadly, they still engage in long hours of sunbathing for the simple vain fact that they want a tanned body.

There are a variety of techniques and procedures, as well as products that can be used today to achieve and maintain a healthy tanned look.  For many people using tanning beds satisfies their need and level of tanning they wish to achieve.  While others rely upon sun tanning tablets to accomplish this year round tan.  Everybody has their own opinion about anything and everything in life and certainly that includes opinions on what the best and safest sun tanning techniques or products are.


Tanning Tablets Vs. Sunbeds The Great Debate

Sunbeds, like basking on a beach in the summertime, use UV rays as well.  Though you are not outdoors and being overexposed to the suns powerful UV rays, the rays used in sunbeds are identical to those the sun gives off.  With that said, it is not hard to understand then that the side effects of using sunbeds will also be identical to those side effects affiliated with overexposing your body on a hot beach to the suns UV rays.  The UV rays of a sunbed are every bit as powerful and dangerous as those of the suns.

Though people are pleased with the satisfactory tanning results when using sunbeds, they need to take note of the fact that they may be achieving that deep dark tan that they want, but, just like absorbing the rays of the sun, they are exposing themselves to serious side effects and health risks, and even risks of cancer.

With all of this research and confirmed information available about sunbeds, is it any wonder that so many people across the globe are turning to the use of sun tanning tablets. Though there is a wide range of tanning tablets available for purchase, Rio Sun Tanning Tablets have proven to be the safest and most effective today.  They afford consumers no side effects, no risk of cancer forming cells, contain all natural ingredients that are FDA compliant, and produce results that are many times beyond the expectations of its users.

If you are like so many other people who are in search of an effective, natural and safe way of acquiring and maintaining a year round sun tan, then surely Rio Sun Tanning Tablets are just the product for you.  For your supply of these amazing, effective and all natural tanning tablets, with a simple click of a mouse you can buy here.  Check out these highly effective sun tanning tablets today.  You will surely be glad you did.

Tan Tablets Review


Today there are multiple ways of acquiring a suntanned look year round.  Typically to obtain a bronzed tan body, people will spend countless hours at the beach basking in the ultraviolet rays of the sun.  For many people, summertime means tan time and, regardless, of the risks, they are going to acquire and perfect their glowing tan.

We all know how dangerous the sun’s ultraviolet rays are and we certainly all know that over exposure to the sun and its ultraviolet rays can ultimately lead to skin cancer.  There are a variety of other methods available for sun tanning today, including tanning beds, tanning lamps, fake tanning lotions and tanning tablets.

tan-tabletsThough all the various methods of sun tanning present with results over time, one of the most effective tanning methods, and one of the safest tanning methods is that of sun tanning tablets.  Sun tanning tablets offer individuals a quick, safe, and effective means of acquiring a glowing sun tan and of maintaining that tan year round.  There is a wide range of tanning tablets available on the market today, but statistics tell us that Spa Tanning Tablets are, by far, a highly favored choice of tanning tablets by many consumers.

Tan Tablets are Safe and Effective

It’s difficult today to feel confident and comfortable about developing and perfecting a beautiful sun tanned body because of the many risks and dangers that accompany the act of tanning.  Truly, there are abundant side effects and serious risks that are affiliated with sun tanning, which is why many, if not most people today, prefer to utilize sun tanning tablets.    It is remarkably simple to discipline yourself to take a couple of tanning tablets a day and, over time, reap the rewards of a noticeable, natural looking tan.

Who would not agree that sun tanning tablets are the best method of tanning and surely the safest.  Spa Tanning Tablets, is one of the most popular and sought after tanning products on the market today.  A product that has earned a spot on the charts, people across the globe are committed to using these state of the art, highly effective tanning pills.

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What a wonderful feeling of confidence, when you can look in the mirror and see that naturally glowing sun tanned body looking back at you.  There is something remarkably healthy about a suntanned look and surely a perfect tan is a confidence booster for both men and women of all ages.  If you prefer a natural tanned look year round, then be certain to visit the Spa Tanning Tablets site above and take advantage of any special offers they might have.  Why wait.  Get your glowing natural tan today and be the envy of all your family and friends with this superior product – Spa Tanning Tablets.

Can Winstrol Make You Lose Your Hair?

Also known generically as Stanozolol, UK Winstrol is one of the most popular anabolic steroids and has been used to great effect by a number of athletes.

However, although the benefits are indisputable, like all other anabolic steroids, there are some negative features associated with the drug too.

Hair loss is a major concern for many bodybuilders; here’s a look at whether Winstrol really can make you lose your hair.


What is Winstrol?

In the media, anabolic steroids tend to be all grouped together but in fact there’s several different types with a variety of features that are associated with each.

Winstrol is based on dihydrotestosterone, usually referred to as DHT, with just a couple of important structural changes. An added methyl group occurring at the 17th carbon position allows the steroid to be taken orally as well as injected, classifying it as a C-17 alpha alkylated steroid. The other alteration is the attachment of a pyrazol group.

Making these changes boosts the anabolic strength of the drug while at the same time reducing the androgenic effects.

However, the methyl group also means that Winstrol can be toxic to the liver, and needs to be taken with care. You can read more about hepatotoxicity and which steroids cause this at many awesome locations on the internet.

Hair Loss With Steroids

anabolic-steroidsSome steroids can cause hair loss and thinning but it’s not a universal problem so it’s helpful to understand the mechanism and how it works.

DHT is one of the main culprits for causing hair loss, and some steroids convert into DHT with a bit of help from an enzyme known as 5 alpha reductase. This leads to excessive amounts of DHT in the body, and can promote hair loss.

Not all steroids rely on 5 alpha reductase; those which are directly derived from DHT can cause hair loss without interacting with the enzyme.

It’s also important to mention that there’s a strong genetic component to hair loss and steroid use; if you’re not predisposed to the problem, you won’t be affected even with high DHT levels.

Steroids which trigger hair loss only cause this symptom in individuals who carry the male pattern baldness gene already. Steroid use is an acceleration of hair loss that would have occurred at some point, rather than being solely responsible for it.

How About Winstrol?

As seen above, Winstrol is derived directly from DHT which means that it’s one of the steroids which has the potential to cause hair loss.

In addition, because Winstrol doesn’t need to be converted to DHT from testosterone, the usual treatments won’t work. Finasteride and other similar compounds work by inhibiting the 5 alpha reductase enzyme, thus preventing the change from testosterone into DHT. As Winstrol already is DHT based, this will have no effect.

Despite the fact that Winstrol does have the potential to cause hair loss, in practice it’s not that likely to do so.

Because it holds a low androgenic rating, the number of users who experience hair loss is surprisingly low and not a problem for the majority.

Anavar Can Help Burn Stubborn Abdominal Fat


Anabolic steroids are often most commonly associated with athletes who bulk up and sport huge muscles, but there’s a large number that are used to shred fat too.

During a cutting cycle, the goal is to get rid of fat while simultaneously preserving as much muscle mass as possible. This isn’t always easy due to the restricted calories but certain steroids can make the process far more achievable.

Anavar is renowned as a steroid which is perfect for a cutting cycle; here’s a closer look at how it can help to burn stubborn abdominal fat.

Anavar Background

Also known generically as Oxandrolone, Anavar was first introduced in 1964 and is a synthetic derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Medically the steroid has been used for the treatment of weight loss associated with infection and disease. This may sound like a contradiction for a cutting steroid, but it’s more specifically linked to treating loss of muscle tissue and has been used alongside chemotherapy or for patients with HIV.

anavar-benefitsIt’s these qualities which allow bodybuilders to add lean mass during a cutting cycle, preserving their muscle without adding on unwanted fat or fluids.

Blasting belly fat

Anavar doesn’t aromatise at any dosage so there’s no fears of bloating or gaining water weight during a cutting cycle.

Other steroids will provide bigger gains over the same period and greater protein synthesis but one of the benefits to Anavar is in studies, users retained their lean mass gains far longer, even months after the cycle had ceased.

Although increasing muscle mass will help to burn fat, Anavar has a unique quality which is particularly beneficial to bodybuilders: its ability to target belly fat.

Studies have shown that even in individuals with normal levels of testosterone, Anavar could reduce abdominal and visceral fat. Other research has shown that the steroid can reduce belly fat even without any exercise. Of course, to get the best possible results an Anavar cycle should be combined with a cutting diet and exercise but the case studies just highlight its effectiveness.

One of the difficulties with a cutting cycle is that once finished, it can be tricky to keep the same dry, shredded appearance. However, just like with the addition of lean muscle mass, research suggests that Anavar helps to keep the fat off even once the cycle has finished. Providing moderate exercise is continued and calorific consumption isn’t excessive, studies have shown that fat loss with Anavar, particularly in the abdominal area, can be maintained.

Do Your Research

Anavar is often considered to be a steroid which is gentler on the body than others, and it’s one that can be taken by women too. If you’re not a first time user, you might want to consider stacking Anavar with other steroids to get a more powerful result. You can read online at various sources about using steroids, and how to create the best stack whether you’re bulking, cutting or recomping.